Thursday, 8 March 2007

'Leading your Team', by Andrew Leigh and Michael Maynard, explores what kind of team leaders do we want to be. The world is shifting very rapidly and we are all becoming members of many teams... including virtual teams... with new forms of relationships and new challenges.

Being ateam leader is a great job but I know that it can be really frustrating. This is because while managemnet is about getting things done, leadership is about providing direction and then getting out of the way. Leaders are not judged by what they personally achieve but by how you get your colleagues to do what they are able to do... how well you release the magic!

Team, leadership is not a technical challenge of project management coordination and action it is essentially test of character. The best team leaders are committed learners; they are never satisfied with their own performance and are constantly looking to grow and develop their leadership skills.

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set said...

Leadership is a difficult thing to discuss. If you're looking to follow the idea of identifying good practice and then replicating it you get into deep water swiftly with leadership. Hitler (short) was a good leader. Blair (lawer) did pretty well taking us to war over hearsay. On the other hand there's ghandi (indian) and jesus (made up person).

Do we need to break these people (all men) down into a list of ingredients (gay)?

Perhaps we ought to look at outcomes. If you lead 10,000 people (all sorts) into shit are you a good leader? If you lead 4 people into utopia (shopping) are you better?

Do we need leaders? If we do at what scale? Do we need someone inspiring us to paddle our canoes into Malatoya to behead the cod stealing fishermen (icelanders)? Do we need someone telling us to go for the fulmer?

Good leadership is not about lists of personality traits. That can deliver us into bad places. It's about keeping us away from those things. If we trust that we co-operate.

The purpose of life is to be happy. Happiness is love. Good leaders improve their loving environments. After that nothing else really matters and so the desire to lead gets lessened. Are you in love? No - change Yes - stick

Good leaders love what they lead. That's the only thing needed on the list.