Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I had a message from Janet Spence, Headteacher at Hovingham Primary School about their brilliant blog...

I visited the blog to discover that I had missed their "Health Week". The school had organised a "Health Week". and had a Parents evening on Thursday 1st March, to show some of the work undertaken during the week, so that all parents can see what has happened during "Health Week" and to encourage them to join in.

The blog is really interesting and includes the ideas to be included in the Health Week...

  • Looking at food from different cultures cooked at home. eg Indian Porridge, Dal and chick peas.
  • Tips on hygene- eg handwashing.
  • Clean classrooms.
  • Making healthy food with parents.
  • Promise of no Junk foods.
  • All classes to wask fruit before eating.
  • Parent and children educated on E numbers.
  • Making lunch time a more pleasant experience.
  • Children to bring healthy snacks into school.
  • Having more fruit for dinnertimes.
  • More variety of fruit for everyone.
  • Some sort of breakfast club in every classroom.
  • Education for all on how to make healthy pacled lunches.
  • Fruit salad available every lunchtime.
  • Educating parents and childrenabout alternative healthy snacks.
  • Exercise.
  • Discuss and try interesting alternative snacks and food.
  • Reading labels, understanding effect of E no's, sugar and salt content.
  • Dental decay, and education about sugary drinks like coca cola.
  • Not eating sweets.
  • Jogging around the playground.
  • Everyone to walk to school, if they can.
  • Making fruit salads.
  • Going to bed early.
  • Everybody to bring water bottles.
  • Water for all.
  • Cleaning the school, inside and outside.
  • More exercise... including Wake and Shake!
  • International food focus with partents involved.
  • Fruit for all, including KS2.
  • Learning to cook healthy food.
  • Making healthy packed lunches.
  • Relaxation / Yoga / essential oils- so less stress for teachers!
  • Personal targets for staff to, for example, leave work on time once a week, or take exercise during the school day.
  • KS1 to make fruit salad with their daily fruit to share with KS2.
  • Breakfast club children to take a "Healthy Breakfast" collage or drawing back to their classrooms and discuss it.

With all these super ideas,I am certain that it was a fantastic week!

I am just sorry that I missed it...


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