Thursday, 8 March 2007

I have been thinking about the characteristics of successful people...

What makes brilliant? Certainly a good leader is needed but what makes a good leader?
Here's my starter for ten...
  • optimism;
  • vision;
  • hard work;
  • discipline;
  • intuition;
  • curiosity;
  • capacity to learn;
  • risk taking;
  • action focused;
  • mastery.

I also think that things like appreciation, determination, expectation and creativity are important aspects of great leadership.

Please let me know your list.



set said...
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Sarah Rutty said...

Chris - I fully agree with your list of 'what makes brilliant' and would like to add one more attribute to the list: that of generosity. I am writing this at the North Leeds CLC, where I come every Saturday with two children from Bankside School, so that they - along with 50 other of our city's 'gifted' children can enjoy 2 hours of fantastic maths enrichment in this wonderful learning space. I really want to let you know how much our school appreciates the hard work of Mo Aslam, a maths teacher at Allerton Grange, and Hilary Eyles from Burley St Matthias PS, who have dedicated a term's worth of Saturday mornings to ensure that our wonderful children are given the wonderful opportunities they deserve to be the best that they can be! Hurrah for Mo and Hilary and all the other generous leaders of our little learners! Sarah Rutty, Headteacher Bankside Primary School

Chris'Blog said...

Thanks Sarah... I'll share this with everyone who reads my blog.