Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I started the day at Swinnow Primary School where Allison Chin and her team are doing great things...

I started early so I could attend Allison's Breakfast Club and I was also roped into dressing up as an Anglo-Saxon Lord to see the amazing things that the team were doing... the classroom floor was covered in straw and the children were cooking, thatching and digging and being Anglo-Saxon peasants! Another group were off on the train for a day out.

It's wonderful to visit a school where the team are confident enough to do things differently. As always the question you want to ask is what makes Swinnow Primary School such a brilliant school? The answers...
  • Allison's strong, focuconfident and passionate leadership;
  • a talented and enthusiastic learning team;
  • clear values and beliefs driving all aspects of the work of the school;
  • great teaching within a wonderful learning environment;
  • high expectations of every child and the whole learning team; and
  • some talented and wonderful young people!

Allison and her learning team are doing a brilliant job and have created a fantastic learning environment for the children in a really great school.


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