Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Leeds 'Be Healthy!' Challenge reaches its' climax this week. Schools across Leeds have been taking part in this years 'Be Healthy!' Challenge and on Friday we will all come together to share what we have learnt. There is still time left to get involved...

They suggest the following physical activity challenges...
  • walk around the block a fixed number of times;
  • walk with friends during your lunchtime break;
  • pace yourself with a pedometer and set a target for the number of steps you do each day;
  • take the stairs instead of the lift;
  • Teach a friend to dance, or get them to teach you;
  • park further away and stride to work.

Great stuff. So what are you going to do? Se you on Friday!


Pat said...

Two weeks to go.

How are you sustaining your energy? Easy question. But are you confident that you are focusing your energies to maximum effect?

Two years ago I threw away all my old love letters. A sad day for a foolish man!

Chris'Blog said...

Pat, I am not sutaining my energy since, as you know, I am tired out! And no Pat, I am never that confident about where I am putting my energy and effort. However, I am fairly clear that my job is to be out there as much as I can be and to be leading by example!