Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Connor Prior's Manifesto: Winner of Mayor for the Day

This is Connor's Manifesto...

"If I were given the role of Mayor for the Day I would concentrate on our local environment. Long term we could have all cars powered by electricity as if we continue to use fossil fuels we will eventually run out of this source. Using fossil fuels damages the environment and also increases global warming. People today are thoughtless about our environment and forget about the beautiful world we live on today. We are not thinking about our future generations.

If I was the Mayor I would encourage all families to cut their carbon footprint by at least 25% as it is already growing at a rapid rate. Simple steps like recycling our rubbish would be a good place to start. If we don’t stop within years we would be as cold as Moscow as the polar ice caps will melt and cool the Gulf Stream, which brings hot water from the south up to the north where we are. The winters in Moscow can reach temperatures of-20°C. How will that affect our families today and tomorrow?

Imagine if we made changes how it would affect our environment. Think about how trout used to stream throughout our rivers in Britain, but as a result of pollution they have gone; if we don’t stop we are going to break up the food chain.

What would I do in the day?

If I were the Mayor I would triple the fines today for littering as people are a disgrace to our nation and to each other. You don’t have to look very far to see litter. This is very important in schools which are our own local environment: Look around all you can see in our playgrounds is litter, litter and more litter from break and lunchtimes. We need to have a good school policy in place for our local environment; within that policy we could have the action taken against those who continue to offend. We need to work together and this could be done through our school council, teamwork and good organisation would make this possible.

If I were the Mayor this dream would come true and litter would become a thing of the past in our school. This would be the first step for educating us and helping our future generations and making changes which are necessary. Why don’t you help with our local environment by joining my campaign?"

Our young people are simply brilliant.


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