Thursday, 15 November 2007

I spent most of the day on a bus ride around the city with the inspectors...

And I learned such a lot about the city; it's history, it's geography and it's highlights. We visited Bridgewater Place the 30 story block which is home to Eversheds and a lot of upwardly mobile people. The views from the top were breathtaking and as it was s sunny day you could see the whole of Leeds. We passed the New Bewerley Community Primary School and Children's Centre as we went on to the Two Willows Children's Centre in Beeston which is an amazing oasis of care and support for children and their families. We went next to the new Swimming and Diving Pool at the John Charles Stadium which is a brilliant addition to that fabulous campus. Then passed South Leeds High School and on to Roundhay Park and to Carr Manor High School. At Carr Manor we had lunch with students and staff team members before a quick session with Simon Flowers the headteacher. Everyone was really impressed with the school, it's staff team and the wonderful students. Finally we visited the Meanwood Recycling Centre before finishing our tour back at the Victoria Quarter for coffee with business partners.

It was a great session organised brilliantly by Marilyn Summers and her colleagues.

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