Tuesday, 13 November 2007

We certainly live in interesting times. The pace of change is quickening and it becomes harder and harder to keep a sense of perspective… a sense of what is important...

What with children’s centres, the foundation stage curriculum, phonics, assessment for learning, progress targets, the intensifying support programme, new Key Stage 2 thematic approaches, a new curriculum in Key Stage 3, new 14 – 19 provision, 14 diplomas, apprenticeships, the LSC review, Trusts, Federations, Academies… the list goes on and on!

The Education Leeds team in Children’s Services is facing it’s fourth inspection this term. We have already had:
· National Strategies Review;
· 14 – 19 Progress Check;
· Annual Performance Assessment.

AND we are now engaged in the Joint Area Review!

However, our focus remains to work with our colleagues across Children's Services and the Council to build a city of enterprise, a city of culture and a city of learning. We need to work to develop brilliant learning in brilliant learning places serving healthy, harmonious and thriving communities; communities where all our children and young people are happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful…. whatever it takes!

Working with our colleagues in schools we are continuing to:
· Improving leadership and governance;
· Improving teaching and learning;
· Developing inclusive provision;
· Supporting schools in challenging circumstances;
· Supporting underachieving groups of young people;
· Building brilliant learning places.

Never a dull moment!

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