Friday, 16 November 2007

My colleague David Bateson sent me this...

"Hi Chris just some information for your blog following the presentation last night @Castle Grove Hall.......... 22 Staff fom the Pupil Development Centres and Inclusion Workers from PAS have successfully completed a year long programme and produced some fantastic folders about the work they have done as a result of the programme, It was a great celebration because we had Carol Jordan and Chris Pollard presenting the certificates and congratulating the participants on the innovative and exciting work they do which has positive outcomes for young people.

We should be proud of the way colleagues are working together on this programme and how the succesful participants can become advocates and facilitators of the programme. All 22 received the DCSF certificate and some staff are interested in accessing additional qulalifications linked to the programme. One of the group took some photos which we hope to share with you once he's learnt how to download them.Carol has a short briefing paper which I could forward if you need it. Cheers David.

PS the next group is starting in January 2008"

David is right we have some amazing work going on and some amazing colleagues doing it.

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