Monday, 29 September 2008

The afternoon session ended with work on futures education...

The Government, the principality and the schools have been exploring ways of developing futures education using a strategy called critical action scenarios. They start with their goals which are quite like the goals we all have:
  • securing equity and excellence;
  • securing health and well-being;
  • making everyone a life-long learner;
  • developing futures learning to maintain international competitiveness.
They then develop the means to these ends or the sub-goals which lead to the critical action scenarios. These are tested in multiple stakeholder critical evaluations to engage partners in refining and developing the scenarios.

I sometime wonder whether we are all speaking the same language... is this really the language of the learner, the language of brilliant learning, the language of brilliant learning organisations and brilliant learning places. Somehow, I doubt it. It would have been interesting to have young people listen to these conversations and see if they made any sense of it all.

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