Friday, 3 October 2008

I was contacted by my colleague Georgina Winterburn, headteacher at Roundhay St John's CE Primary School...

"Good afternoon Chris If I tell you about some successes we're having first, can I then have a great big moan?
Success: We have been "consulting with stakeholders" using some of the TDA school improvement stuff and it has really helped us to be focussed and get to the root of what we need to do. It has also highlighted to me the difference it makes when staff are involved, I know it's a cliche but having ownership works. I'm feeling really positive about how things are going and am excited for our future.
Moan: Please can someone do something about emails? Everyday I get emails to me, not the secretary, but ones to me that should be going to subject leaders. Why can't Education Leeds staff stop being lazy by just using the headteacher email list to send info, but get the email addresses of the relevant staff. Everytime people go on courses they are asked to give their email address so why aren't they used? Forwarding emails is using up too much headteacher time. If you can affect change at all in this area I would be forever grateful .... honest.

In the meantime, have a good weekend with plenty of red wine and dark chocolate. Georgina"

Georgina is right, as always, that ownership, empowerment and trust are the keys to success. We do need to help headteachers by routing materials to colleagues in schools rather than clogging up headteachers inboxes. Any suggestions as to how we do this would be welcome.

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