Wednesday, 1 October 2008

We agreed today to work with Stockholm and Helsinki on an exciting three cities initiative...

The first international conference will be in Stockholm in early March 2009. We aim to start at midday on Monday 2 March, spend all day Tuesday together and finish Tuesday evening with the possibility of a longer stay to visit and shadow. A second meeting will be held in Helsinki w/b 21 September. This will be planned for a week and we will meet again in Leeds w/b 8 March 2010.

We need to develop a long term sustainable initiative perhaps over three years focused around leadership for tomorrow and the power of technology in shaping learning and provision for young people. We all agreed that we need to prepare a group of schools and agree with them the detailed objectives and outcomes from the programme.

Exciting times! We are hoping to get five schools, including at least one primary school and one post-16 setting, involved in this initiative so if anyone is interested please let me know.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
I think that the notes on your visit to Helsinki and the meetings between yourselves, Stockholm and Helsinki appear to have gone well. This is a fine initiative which if managed and processed well will give benefit to the children as well as teachers and leaders of all 3 cities. In this fast changing world and globalisation cross cultural development is essential for the development of our socities. As I said before Chris, we standby to assist ib this process and we look forward to meeting you in Leeds next Tuesday.
Best wishes
International Communications Group ICG AB