Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Having spent two days in Helsinki I have to ask myself whether this has been good use of my time...

As you know I always try to be optimistic and I know that however strange this conference has been, I have learnt something, made new contacts and if nothing else seen that we are doing great things and addressing the real challenges in Stockholm and Leeds.

I think the thing I have learnt most is that we need to develop a new framework for learning. A framework that answers three key questions...
  • What are the skills, competencies, knowledge and understanding we need to develop in our young people to stimulate design, creativity, imagination, teamwork,individuality, talent and to release the magic?
  • What kinds of learning pathways, learning platforms and learning environments do we need to provide for our young people to help them develop these skills, competencies, knowledge and understanding?
  • Which innovations and reforms are needed to enable us to create these learning pathways, learning platforms and learning environments?

Help me out with this. Answers on a postcard.

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