Friday, 3 October 2008

My colleague Andrew Hodkinson who heads up the West Oaks SILC sent me this e-mail...

Dear Chris, I have just got back from London and attach an extract from our weekly newsletter to staff; which I thought you might be interested in. Kind regards Andrew.

"Travelling back on the train from London last night gives you plenty of time to reflect on your and others practice. I have attended the Leading Edge National Conference and Impact and Innovation awards ceremony in London. There are 218 Leading edge partnerships ( LEPP) in the country involving some 800+ schools. Leading edge was established in 2003 to encourage schools to work in partnership to solve some of the most intractable problems in education. LEPP consultant heads were asked to nominate any partnership that stood out for them this year. LEPP wanted to recognise some of the outstanding work that is taking place and selected schools who have been particularly innovative and had clear impact in raising achievement across their partnership. Amazingly; West Oaks were one of the 24 Impact and Innovation winners and in a group dominated by southern partnerships we are clearly proud. This is yet another fantastic achievement for the school and in particular Jane Harrison who has developed and driven this project. Well done also to Oakwood PRU, Oakwood Primary, Parklands Primary, Shakespeare Primary, Seacroft Grange, Kulvinder Kaur, Preeti Mistry and Peter Galvin who have all contributed to this fantastic achievement."

There is so much brilliant work going on across Leeds and it is great to see some of it, and the contributions of great colleagues and great schools, acknowledged and celebrated in this way .

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