Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I moved on to Victoria Primary School and met an extraordinary group of women supported by a wonderfully talented young colleague...

I was attending yet another STEPS programme with my colleague Val Cain. This programme like so many across the city had changed the lives of the mums who were simply brilliant advocates and ambassadors for the STEPS programme. Each mum's story revealed the real difference the programme had made and their new sense of self, self-esteem and confidence was great. They were all doing things as a result, had set and achieved goals and were planning for the future.

This brilliant programme had been run by talented, briliant, gorgeous and wonderful Amie Morton whose passion, energy, enthusiasm and commitment was fantastic. Amie is an incredible young woman working as a Parent Support Adviser between Victoria Primary School and Brownhill Primary School to support, encourage and challenge parents and carers. Amie has quite simply changed these womens lives. I presented certificates to these wonderful women and I hope Amie will send me the photos for the blog!

I also managed to briefly meet with Alison Carrick, the wonderful headteacher at Victoria Primary School, who is very obviously doing a great job, releasing real magic and is focused on continuing to drive up standards in this happy, healthy, safe and increasingly successful school. Alison's energy, enthusiasm and care and concern shone out as we walked around the school and talked about her plans for the future.

I must go back soon.

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