Monday, 6 July 2009

My colleague Maqsood Sheikh from our Performance Management and Information Team sent me this e-mail...

"Dear Chris,We are now in to the last ten days of the 2009 Audit Commission School Survey which closes next Wednesday on 15th July. Only twenty nine schools have completed the on-line survey so far, which gives us a response rate of 11%. Schools completing the survey by phase are:
  • Primary 24 schools... 11%
  • Secondary 4 schools... 11%
  • SILCs none... 0%
  • PRUs one... 25%

In addition to this, another 4 primaries and 1 secondary have started completing the survey but have not signed it off as completed. One secondary has logged on to the survey website, but has not started the survey. As our total number of schools is 268, this means that 233 (87%) schools have not yet responded at all to the survey so far. Currently, we are behind our response rate at the same point in the survey last year and the national average response rate which is better than it was at the same point in the survey last year.

Every school completing the survey will be entered in to a prize draw and will have the chance to win a visit from a member of our Leadership Team. As the survey now only takes place every two years, there will not be another national school survey until 2011, so we need to do everything we can to get as many schools as possible to complete the survey this year.
Schools can access the survey on-line at by using the LEA No 383 and their DCSF No.

Many thanks for your help. Maqsood."

I hope colleagues in schools will find the time to complete this important survey which will help us further improve what we do and the services we provide.


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