Monday, 6 July 2009

This afternoon at the end of a long day I visited Boston Spa School with a small select group of interested colleagues and governors...

We were there to launch the 'International Inspiration' programme. As a successful Sports College, Boston Spa School was invited to take a lead in an important programme that is designed to support sporting projects in five developing countries around the world. This is the 'International Inspiration' programme which will deliver on the LOCOG promise made to the IOC in Singapore that they would engage and inspire the youth of the world through sport. Boston Spa School with West Oaks SILC are leading the 'International Inspiration' programme for Bangladesh.

The resulting "Included" programme will be directed by Boston Spa and West Oaks and will hopefully involve Leeds Schools, Bangladeshi Schools, our Bangladeshi community here in Leeds, the British Council, Education Leeds, Leeds Sports clubs, IOC, Paralympic organisations, SOS Village, and SWID School in Eskaton. These schools and these children have very very little and the schools are hoping to collect sports equipment to send to Bangladesh... from old tennis balls to old sports shirts, please don't throw anything away. If you can help in any way contact Chris Walsh at Boston Spa School or Andrew Hodgkinson at West Oaks SILC.

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