Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Everyone seems to be talking about wicked issues, so here are mine...

Opportunities and Challenges One: Big Picture
  1. Budget issues;
  2. 21st Century Schools;
  3. OFSTED Inspections;
  4. Children's Services;
  5. National and Local Elections.

Opportunities and Challenges Two: Schools Picture

  1. Provision and School Places;
  2. Primary Standards;
  3. Primary Floor Target Schools;
  4. Secondary Standards;
  5. Secondary National Challenge;
  6. LILS/Behaviour/Attendance;
  7. Target Groups

Opportunities and Challenges Three: Education Leeds Picture

  1. Leadership;
  2. Performance Management;
  3. Resource Management.

As we enter what I believe will be one of the most interesting years we have ever experienced here in Leeds, I'd like to know what you think are the wicked issues.

I'd welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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