Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I spent today with the Council's Corporate Leadership Team looking at some of the opportunities and challenges we face and will face over the next year...

We spent the morning looking at resources and capacity and how we focus our energy and efforts on our priorities in adult and children's services and how our business transformation programme will help drive efficiency and effectiveness. This afternoon we moved on to look at locality working and sustainability and how we might pilot some more co-ordinated approach around children, families and communities; an approach that starts with local schools, health centres and facilities for adults and the elderly. We all agreed that we also need to powerfully connect these universal front-line services with the strategic whole city and city region approaches. We need to listen more and secure greater ownership, engagement and coordination at the local level. We need to build real partnership with communities to provide and secure responsive and coherent local services that people trust and understand.

Not much to do then.

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