Monday, 7 September 2009

My colleague Viv Buckland, who heads up our work on Admissions and Transport gave me copies of the new 'Starting School in Leeds' publications this morning...

These two guides for parents and carers on the admissions process for 2010 are fantastic and colleagues have put an enormous amount of energy and effort into these publications which aim to help parents and carers through the process of obtaining the right school place for their child. The booklets are clear, helpful, understandable and contain some incredible photographs of our children and young people.

We have a great admissions and transport team who are some of the unsung heroes of Education Leeds. This is going to be another challenging admissions round, as the primary population continues to grow and parents and carers continue to search for good schools for their children. We must do everything we can to help parents and carers understand their responsibilities, choose strong local schools and ensure that we end up with as many satisfied customers as possible.

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