Saturday, 12 September 2009

Lower Your Waste Costs and Increase Recycling in 2009

My colleague Phillip Robson our Head of Commissioning, Procurement and Business Development sent me some information about schools and recycling...

"In line with reducing council waste to landfill and lessening the impact of rising waste
costs, the Council has widened the scope of its trade waste contract with local company
Associated Waste Management (AWM). The contract is open to all schools in Leeds and
has recently introduced additional recycling for plastic bottles and cans. This contract is
competitively priced and will save you money. Schools joining this scheme will be supporting our local economy as well as adding to the Council’s data stream and therefore increasing the understanding of the waste we are all producing across the region. The contract is supported by the Council’s Environment Policy Team and waste resources office. Skip services are incorporated into this holistic contract as required, and any school recycling paper and card can now be set up, so by utilising this service you will help to reduce large waste vehicle usage within your areas, further reducing pollution and improving road safety."

Phillip tells me that this contract has been designed with you in mind. Please consider changing to AWM and changing your waste management for the better but check your contract termination arrangements with your existing provider.

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