Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Think Team!

It is becoming increasingly obvious that things are going to get a lot more interesting around here...

We need to work harder to build brilliant. We need to:
1. share the big picture
and put aside other agendas;
2. share the reality
and always be honest with each other;
3. share everything and constantly listen to feedback;

4. share the workload and support others;
5. share every success and every failure.

This is more than just a series of goals or the Education Leeds vision - it's about our values and our culture and helping colleagues to understand where they fit into the bigger picture. We must be prepared to confront the harsh realities when things go wrong and give and receive honest feedback. We need open, clear, two-way communication and active listening to continue to build teamwork across the company and across Children's Services. If we get this right I believe that things will happen spontaneously; colleagues will understand where the pressures are, what the challenges are and how to manage the workload. They will then collaborate to get jobs done by building creative teams, dynamic partnerships and strong and meaningful relationships.

In a genuine 'one team' culture, everyone wins, loses and learns and most importantly everyone improves and develops together.


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