Thursday, 1 July 2010

I know that as we face this perfect storm, where nothing seems to provide comfort and reassurance about the future, colleagues are becoming increasingly frustrated...

However, it may be reassuring to know that we are not alone! A recent Hay Group study found that nearly 60% of people were seriously considering leaving or actively looking for new jobs. Worse still, a further 35% said they were only holding off because there weren't any jobs to go to! I have discussed this with colleagues and the question is how do we manage in such uncertain times?

These are some of the suggestions colleagues have come up with:

1. DEVELOP NEW MODELS Have we got a “lean enough and mean enough” structure to survive after the storm? Are are obsessive about reducing hierarchy, simplifying decision making, and shortening lines of communication? Can we generate a list of unnecessary things that are getting in our way, and then work on removing them. Send me your list and I'll show you mine!

2. BUILD BRILLIANT LEARNING PLACES How do we make sure that all our work places are great places to work and places where talented people want to work? How do we improve and develop the workplace and show some more interest in people as people? Send me your list and I'll show you mine!

3. BUILD BEAUTIFUL SYSTEMS Are our systems, processes and procedures beautiful: clear, efficient and elegant so that they support our culture and our work? Can you think of ways to make things better, or make the work more interesting? Send me your list and I'll show you mine!

4. USE TECHNOLOGY How do we exploit the latest IT and web-based solutions to deliver our services more efficiently and more effectively to provide a more intimate and personalised service to our customers and clients? Send me your list and I'll show you mine!

5. CELEBRATE EXCELLENCE How do we reward and recognise colleagues contributions to ensure that people feel part of something special and they are appreciated for their unique added value? Send me your list and I'll show you mine!

What are your suggestions and additions to this starter for five?

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