Monday, 16 April 2007

10 top tips that could change your life

I saw this is the Times Educational Supplement over the weekend...

It was part of an article titled 'You're happy and you know it' reporting the results of a TES Magazine survey.Wellington College, a private school in Berkshire is taking happiness serously. Well-being is a curriculum subject and the happiness ot students and the learning team is paramount. These 'top tips' are taken from the school's programme for developing well-being.
  • nurture constructive and caring relationships with friends, partners and family;
  • get eight hours sleep a day and avoid caffeine, alcohol or stress before going to bed;
  • eat well and exercise three times a week;
  • smile and laugh as much as possible;
  • take time every day to be still and attempt to clear your mind;
  • try to respond positively to difficult situations;
  • immerse yourself in activities until you lose track of time;
  • get an hour of broad daylight every day;
  • improve your learning space;
  • limit time spent texting, e-mailing and watching TV and have conversations instead;
  • learn a new skill;
  • take charge of your life by making positive choices.

Sounds good to me!


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