Wednesday, 18 April 2007

I had lunch at Farnley Park High School where we were launching the new 'Leeds School Meals Strategy'...

The Strategy, led by Rosie Denison and her team, aims to transform school food and drink by:
  • reducing foods high in fat, salt and sugar and providing balanced meals;
  • increasing the amount of freshly prepared vegatables, sald and fruit;
  • encouraging locally sourced and sustainable provision of fresh foods;
  • working with schools to transform the dining room environment;
  • exploring flexible lunches, priving policies and healtheir packed lunches;
  • providing bespoke trainingprogrammes for catering and non-catering colleagues;
  • engaging children and young people in transforming school food and drink;
  • engaging school communities in transforming school food and drink.

We launched the Strategy over lunch at Farnley Park High School where Bill Pullen and his talented team are doing great things as they gear up for their newly remodelled facilities under the Building Schools for the Future programme. I had lunch with Louise Shipman, Ben Lilley, Edward Vickers and Kaye Best; some of Bill's talented young people who were powerful and articulate advocates for the school. It certainly reminded me how fantastic our young people are! AND lunch was salads... coleslaw, red cabbage and beetroot salad, waldorf salad and tuna and pasta salad followed by fresh fruit salad... FANTASTIC!


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