Sunday, 15 April 2007

Over the holidays I have been thinking about what makes a great leader, a great manager, a great headteacher...

It's a starter for ten but I think that really great leaders...
  • Let go of things others can do.
  • Encourage initiative, ideas, and risk taking.
  • Ensure that people have clear goals and know how they're doing.
  • Delegate to challenge, develop, and empower.
  • Coach to ensure success.
  • Constantly reinforce good work and good attempts.
  • Share information, knowledge, and skills.
  • Value, trust, and respect each colleague.
  • Provide support without taking over.
  • Practice what they preach.

I thought we should create a list...

  • Really great leaders coach, mentor and develop colleagues talents and abilities;
  • Really great leaders nurture, empathise and support colleagues through good and bad times;
  • Really great leaders constantly communicate, explain and clarify a shared vision, values and beliefs;
  • Really great leaders engage, trust and empower colleagues to be passionate and commited advocates;
  • Really great leaders develop colleagues and encourage their passionate participation;
  • Really great leaders develop the culture by recognising colleagues strengths and differences;
  • Really great leaders celebrate and reward colleagues achievements.

Let me know your list.


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