Saturday, 21 April 2007

“When we experience something together we share a common memory, a common insight and develop a common wisdom. The more we share the easier it is to work together and the more we develop a common language and common understanding.”
Our colleagues are not like Mars bars… they are not identical in size, weight or shape. Each is a unique, fragile and brilliant human being with enormous potential if only we can release the magic. So loosen up, relax, smile, laugh and enjoy yourself. Unless we are having fun it is impossible for the colleagues we are working with to have any fun… and unless they are having fun they will never release the magic and never be the people they are capable of being.
We must all continue to work to create an environment where all our colleagues and our young people can be happy, healthy, safe and successful, and where with rigour, pace and challenge we collectively move towards one common and shared vision where we achieve brilliant outcomes for all our young people. That takes courage, it takes patience, but most importantly it takes great leadership…and not just from me or the Executive Team… from all of us. We all need to understand the journey we are on… to celebrate our successes and our failures… to stand up and be counted... to send letters and e-mails… to hang posters… to find quotes… to make buttons… to design the t-shirt… even to make people wear them… whatever it takes.

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