Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I started my day at Woodlands Primary School...

I had written to Chris Walton about his wonderful OFSTED inspection outcome and again about his results. I think the tone of my second letter had upset Chris and I am sorry about that... it was intended to be both challenging and supportive. I was attempting to know more about the challenges schools like Woodlands face and how we can better configure our services to help drive better outcomes.

I visited the school and I was astonished at what I saw... this is a school going places under Chris' very skilful leadership; leadership that extends to everyone in the school. It's wonderful to visit a school in challenging circumstances where the team are delivering the basics and confident enough to do things differently. The focus on data and monitoring all aspects of what the school does is deeply impressive and very obviously having an impact.

As always the question you want to ask is what makes Woodlands Primary School such a brilliant learning place? The answers...
  • Chris' strong, focused, confident and passionate leadership;
  • a young, talented, enthusiastic and determined learning team;
  • clear values and beliefs driving all aspects of the work of the school;
  • a focus on positive behaviour and discipline, linked to the PDC;
  • an exciting, relevant and rewarding curriculum focused around the basics;
  • great teaching within a wonderful learning environment;
  • high expectations of every child and the whole learning team;
  • regular and shared tracking, monitoring and interventions;
  • hard work by everyone involved!

Chris and his learning team are doing a brilliant job and have built something really special at Woodlands Primary School.

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