Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's grat to be able to share success stories especially when they are about some of our target groups. My colleague Sue Elmer from Social Services sent me this...

"I have been asked by Councillor Lancaster to pass on these good news stories which we heard about at the Foster Care Liaison Group meeting last week. The young people concerned had exceeded all expectations in their recent examinations. Jonathon Oakey has been accepted at Thomas Danby College for further study after achieving B's and C's in his recent GCSE exams. Similarly, Carl Daggit has been accepted at Leeds College of Art and Design after being awarded a prize in a national art competition. Natasha Granger has been accepted at the College of Music. Wayne Healey has been accepted at Bradford Unuiversity on the social degree. We are aware that many other young people have achieved similar success and a celebration event is being held on the 1st November."


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