Sunday, 9 September 2007

It has also been a weekend of great sport… the football, the cricket and the rugby world cup.

I love sport. and just like sport, what we do here at Education Leeds is about strategy, planning, tactics and coaching. We all know that great planning is essential for success, as is having clear goals and targets to aim at. We need to continue to visualise success and really go for it, making certain that we get there….. it could be your own personal or professional development; that night class or the Masters you’ve been talking about for years… it could be an outstanding project or initiative your are working on… the Inclusion Strategy, the 14-19 Strategy, the extension of the ISP …. or it could be the London Marathon or the Race for Life.

Every day is about hard work, focused energy and effort and we can never afford to rest on our laurels as Power 100 Team of the Year or as a Beacon Council… that was yesterday’s success and we must constantly strive to be the best we can today and tomorrow. We must remain unique and different, set new standards and stay ahead. When it comes down to it, as I always say ‘it’s all about ATTITUDE.’ Skills can be learned, experience gained, knowledge and understanding taught but it’s your personal attitude and ambition that will drive our success and your determination to keep going when the going gets tough.

We must all motivate ourselves and everyone in our teams with an unshakeable belief that whatever happens, OFSTED, JAR, contracts, people moving on, politics, ordinary people like you and me can do extraordinary things. We see it all the time and I know it’s a challenge but our attitude can release a very special kind of magic and achieve outstanding outcomes… but only if you believe!
Keep the faith.

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