Monday, 10 September 2007

I’ve had a series of meetings today and more than ever in this crazy world we need colleagues who inspire us, who make us think and who create opportunities for themselves and for those around them. If we are serious about ensuring that every school in Leeds is a good school, an improving school and an inclusive school where every child and young person is happy, healthy, safe and successful we need exceptionally gifted individuals who release magic and make things happen. We need people brimming with enthusiasm and full of new ideas and people who are constantly looking for ways to achieve their own personal and professional challenges. People whose talents and skills are used to leave a mark and make a real difference here in Leeds.

So where are these superheroes I hear you ask. These wonder-women and wonder-men who are fired by passion and imagination and filled with personal drive, driven by a supreme work ethic and ambition and inspired by what they can achieve and what they can help others to achieve. People who constantly set themselves new challenges and goals, go on to achieve them and then set new ones. People who push themselves to the limit to ensure that their talents are fulfilled and their potential is realised.

Where are they, simply look around… these people are everywhere and the question we must ask ourselves is what’s stopping you from believing that you have your own special talents and that you can achieve brilliant things. Be passionate, be committed, be determined. Set yourself ambitious goals, keep moving yourself forward and you will achieve something truly spectacular.

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