Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Following the Stephen Heppell event Lesley Dixon, RM's Project Director for the Leeds BSF Project sent me this message...

"Hello Chris, many thanks for your time today and for hosting such an amazing event. It has certainly set everyone thinking. To ensure that we don’t lose that momentum, Ian Todd and I spoke afterwards about the best way to keep the messages alive. Our suggestions are:
  • At your next meeting ask for everyone to suggest 2/3 things which Stephen raised that they want to see in Leeds – such as the innovative us of outside space with the ‘oval classroom’.
  • Once you have these, to agree a priority and the ones that you really want to take forward.

I have asked for Stephen’s availability for the remainder of the year and next, so we can schedule in a number of days to really work through some ideas. This will give us the backbone of termly review meetings and opportunities to continuously evaluate the proposals. In addition, we will try and secure 2 back to back dates for Stephen to provide a number of different opportunities – afternoon sessions, a dinner session and a meeting format, as examples. This way we could invite a slightly different audience for each session. Let me know if we can provide any additional support. I have also asked for some dates from Tim Pearson to ensure that you get an opportunity to discuss progress and are personally briefed on future developments within RM. Kind regards Lesley"

It is brilliant to be working with RM on the learning agenda here in Leeds. They bring such expertise and I know that they will help us take our provision forawrd in new and ingenious ways. As Stephen Heppel said at the meeting yesterday... "Leeds has such a unique history and is such a great place."

It is such an exciting place to work!


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