Friday, 5 October 2007

I know why I love Leeds, it's the people...

I received e-mails from my colleague, Sally Threlfall, and I have just received a box of chocolates from my colleague, Edwina Harrison, who had picked up how flat I was feeling after yesterday with the inspectors. Sally looks after the early years and youth bits of children's services and Edwina looks after the children's social care team here in Leeds and they are both doing a great job in some of the toughest bits of what we do around our children.

Edwina and Sally both understand that we are all the sort of people who reflect on our work and constantly ask ourselves how we can do better... we don't need inspectors or auditors or consultants to tell us what we get it wrong and where we are failing... it's deeply etched into our brains, our souls and our hearts. We are constantly monitoring, reviewing and using intelligent accountability systems to identify our strengths, our weaknesses and areas for improvement. And, we are juggling the resources we have to target and focus everything we have to continue to make that real difference where it matters; for a child, a family and a community.

What we all need, every so often, is someone like Sally or Edwina, whose sensitivity and care shines through, to say actually you are doing a great job! Make sure today that you do the same for someone who needs that extra bit of encouragement and support to continue to release the magic.

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