Monday, 1 October 2007

Message of the Week Six

I had a brilliant week last week or should I say a ‘Good to Great’ week. I learnt so much and I have been reminded once again of the things that are truly important in our lives… people, places, action and outcomes.

I went to meet a brilliant group of colleagues at the Higher Level Teaching Assistant celebration at Weetwood Hall, colleagues who have changed their schools for the better. I talked to our Swedish visitors about our vision for Leeds and they were bowled over by the programme and being told about the best of Leeds. I went to the stimulating and interesting Mats Petttersson seminar at ‘The Venue’ at the Leeds College of Music. I went to the council’s ‘Good to Great’ event at the Royal Armouries where Mike O’Brien talked powerfully and passionately about leadership, culture and performance. I talked to a group of young people from our school councils at the Building Schools for the Future Design Festival about our plans and how they could help us shape the future. I visited two great little schools, White Laith Primary School and Pudsey Tyersal Primary School where colleagues are releasing the magic. I finished the week at the ‘14 – 19 Learning in Leeds’ Conference at the David Young Community Academy where again I talked about our vision for learning in Leeds.

As I said it was a fantastic week full of incredible people who are all making such a difference. What amazes me about my life is the things I learn as I do this brilliant job. These are the things we should all do to build on the real excellence here in Leeds, to eradicate the irrelevant and the obsolete and I intend to lead by example.
1. Stay focused and disciplined.
2. Smile and laugh at life.
3. Read and learn.
4. Hug a friend or keep a pet.
5. Celebrate real excellence and always say thank you.
6. Share your experiences and your successes.
7. Search for ways to have fun.
8. Work hard but wear comfortable shoes!
9. Breathe deeply when the going gets tough.
10. Stretch and exercise regularly.
11. Get cross and stamp your feet.
12. Dance and sing.
13. Touch your toes.
14. Get enough sleep.
15. Regularly take a break.
16. Clean up the clutter.
17. Get some sunshine.
18. Count your blessings.
19. Don’t dwell on the negatives.
20. Find some silence.
21. Live for today.
22. Do something you love.
23. Listen to music.
24. Watch the sunrise or the sunset.
25. Never lie about anything important.
AND keep the faith!

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