Tuesday, 2 October 2007

I had a great day yesterday. It started with a meeting with Professor Stephen Heppel, and colleagues from RM,who had come to meet the Leadership Team to talk about the future and the power of ICT.

Stephen Heppel is one of the gurus of learning and his session was brilliant. It inspired us all and made everyone think about how they can take that next step with learning in Leeds, our new buildings, our provision for excluded young people, the Learning City and so much more. You can visit Stephen's website at http://rubble.heppell.net/ or his phoneblog at http://phone.heppell.mobi/. We intend to get Stephen back in the Spring to talk to a larger group and do some more work to help us as we move from 'Good to Great'.

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Prof Stephen Heppell said...

Chris - I enjoyed it too. there were some very bright eyes in that audience who I could see were properly excited by just how good your learners might be.

And I meant what I said about "if you are up for this..." I really got the sense that you all were. If so, count me in, if I can help in ANY way!

I know we have some good Notschool practice with schools in Leeds - it would be good to systematise that a bit too.