Wednesday, 3 October 2007

"Our greatest danger is not that we aim too high and we miss but that we aim too low and we reach it."

What is stopping you being amazing? What is stopping you losing weight? What is stopping you giving up smoking? What is stopping you being talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful? What else can you be? What else can you do?

Talent is everywhere in this wonderful organisation. We must continue to work hard to support and develop our colleagues and we must push the limits…. push what we believe is possible. It is important to remember that we tend to do what is good enough, not what we are capable of doing; we simply live up to other peoples expectations of us. Unless we choose to do things differently, we always tend to go back to what is normal for us or the way things are supposed to be.

Our thoughts accumulate to become beliefs. We act and behave in accordance with our beliefs about ourselves. So we are what we believe ourselves to be. Change our beliefs and our performance follows! It is great to know that this is only how it is, not how it could be. We have to be tough enough and strong enough to make it happen.

The answer then is to simply believe that we all have enormous potential.. that we can lose weight, that we can stop smoking, that we can be talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful. We simply need to convince ourselves because we become the people we imagine ourselves to be. What is possible is conditioned by what we believe we can be; what we believe we can do; and what we be believe we are.

So this is not as good as it gets! This is not all we can be. We must not allow people to tell us what we are, what we can do and what we can become, because we become the people we are told we are, unless we choose a different way. We all act in accordance with the truth as we believe it.

So don’t simply take things as they come at you. Imagine things as you want them to be.. and make it happen.
¨ Set the goal and build the future;
¨ Set the goal and figure it out;
¨ Set the goal and make it happen.
Don’t worry about it. Simply set the goal and invent the way!

Change comes from within. All meaningful and lasting change starts with the inside.. you can’t do it from the outside and you can’t do it for someone else… we must do it for ourselves.

We must be careful because history has a terrible habit of repeating itself. We must ensure that we are not trapped in our own history. Unless we are careful all our tomorrows will be like all our yesterdays.

You must build the future on what you want.
So… start small, believe in yourself and...
… practice… practice… practice.

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