Friday, 5 October 2007

I ended a long and difficult day at West Leeds High School...

They were celebrating 100 years of learning at West Leeds High School. Maggie Brown, their headteacher, showed my around the school where each department and learning team had taken a decade and were dressed up and showing off their talents. My only concerns were the science team who seemed intent on setting the world on fire or at least the science labs!

The history of West Leeds High School is a fascinating one and their wonderful archive was on display in the school hall. They are also developing a new archive by interviewing elderley local residents and collecting their memories and stories. The school will move into a new era with Building Schools for the Future in 2009 and it was great to see the story of West Leeds High School over the last 100 years and think about what we will see in the next 100 years as education and learning in West Leeds goes on to bigger and better things.

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