Monday, 18 May 2009

Dirk and I had lunch today with colleagues from our Performance Management and Information Team...

I am priviledged to work with colleagues like these... talented, brilliant, gorgeous and wonderful colleagues who are doing great work in so many areas that lie at the heart of our planning, intelligent accountability and research. There aren't many lunches where I turn up to a list of questions to answer. Most of the team have been through Investment in Excellence and it was wonderful to be able to talk to these colleagues about the culture of Education Leeds and what we have achieved together over the last few years. We talked about our school days, sustainability, the challenges we face, Academies, back-office functions, public spending, beautiful systems and how we are developing our performance management framework to support and drive our culture. What is obvious is that the two things go hand in hand. .. beautiful systems and a culture which encourages innovation, creativity and experiment. Peter Storrie and the team are doing some great stuff and these talented colleagues are available to help and support any colleagues on their journey to create truly beautiful systems!

We must always remember that performance management and information lie at the heart of our work as a company and these colleagues show us all what we can achieve with commitment, energy, enthusiasm and hard work. I am grateful to these colleagues for doing such a great job.

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