Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I know that this will upset some of my colleagues but I read the article this evening in today's Times about why nursery care is bad for boys and it struck a chord...

The article by Sue Palmer was from her book '21st Century Boys' where she argues that daycare centres are rearing 'sadder, more stressed and aggressive children' and that 'young boys in particular need more personal attention'. To provide the best start in life for a boy you need either mum, dad or another family member, a trusted child minder or a work colleague who'd like to share both job and child-rearing responsibilities. One thousand days is roughly how long it takes for a new born baby to be miraculously transformed into a walking, talking little boy and the personal touch is the key to success.

Interestingly both Sue Palmer and internationally respected psychologist Steve Biddulph believe that nursery provision suitable for under 3's simply doesn't exist! Comments and suggestions on a postcard.


Anonymous said...

This is very interesting, particularly when the government insist on strongly encouraging so many mothers on benefits to return to work. A stronger case should be made for valuing the work that mothers carry out in society and helping them to carry out that role.

Chris'Blog said...

I agree the most valuable thing any parent can do is to prioritise the time they have with their children, particularly when they are very young... I recognise that I am someone who looking back on it didn't get my priorities right. It's tough though since another important thing as a young family i to have enough money to make thing easier. Some European countries seem to have achieved a better balance but it is hard to reverse the trend especially since thee Government wants everyone to work.