Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Recipe for Myself

My colleague Richard Boughey sent me this e-mail today...

"Hello Chris, Patricia, Liz and I have just come back from a great morning discussing Harnessing Technology. We met the Elmete Partnership of Schools Family, and then moved to Manston St James Church of England Primary School to meet with Lynne Gillions and Debra Twigg. As always I'm humbled by the amazing work going on in Leeds schools and the great openness in discussing the way forward for all of us. There is no simple "right way" in the technology debate and no simple answers so it's fantastic to be able to spend the quality time exploring options and experiences with enthusiastic people!

The Recipe for Myself subject title for this email comes from Manston St James. It comes from a pupils description of themselves as a recipe (my apologies if I get anything wrong as I'm trying to remember what they wrote!):
4 spoon fulls of crazy
7 cups of running
6 cups of healthy
2 slices of thin
1 tea spoon of nosiness
7 cakes of sports

What would our recipe for Leeds or ourselves be?
For me, mine would be:
5 cups for hope for the future
2 slices of skiing (and a dash of cycling)
4 cakes of meeting interesting people
8 spoon fulls of seeing it all happen
1 cup of wishing I was thin!
Thanks, Richard."

What would other colleagues put in their recipe?

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