Monday, 18 May 2009

What difference can a day make?

One of the issues we talked about at lunch today with PMIT was how we lead by example in areas like volunteering...

We need to think about how we use 'CSV Make a Difference Day': the UK's biggest annual day of volunteering!
The campaign is coordinated by the charity Community Service Volunteers, and will this year take place on 31 October 2009.

How to get your school involved!

Every year thousands of young people take part and have a fantastic day. Each school decides how they want to get involved - with children and young people take part as a class, year group or with the whole school. Children and young people can...
• Learn new skills
• Work as part of a team
• Play a key role in the community
• Feel valued
• Make a real difference regardless of academic ability
• Gain an understanding of local and global issues and take action
• Have fun!

School-based colleagues gain...
• Recognition for activities locally and nationally
• Free Action Packs with certificates, balloons, T shirts, stickers and more!
• Stronger links between the school and community
• Free resources for Citizenship classes on a variety of different subjects

How to get your team involved!

CSV Make a Difference Day is the perfect opportunity for teams to try out volunteering! Volunteering:
• Is a great way for teams to boost colleagues morale.
• Allows colleagues to develop new skills and encourages better working across teams.
• Is a fantastic way to boost our reputation and do something which has huge benefits for schools and the local community.

Want more information? Download their free factsheets from their website at or give them a call on Freephone 0800 284 533.


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