Wednesday, 20 May 2009

My colleague Alex MacLeod, Acting Head of PFI Programme Management, sent me some great news about our PFI schools...

"Dear Chris, I am pleased to share two recent successes with you, which my service is very proud of.
1. Lawnswood- As you will recall, historically there have been challenges in the relationship between the school and the PFI contractor , however, relationships are at an all time high between all parties. So much progress has been made that we have successfully negotiated additional (no cost) after school hours access for the Friends of Lawnswood (community choir) and to support the schools recent recognition as a centre of excellence for badminton.
In addition my service (Kathy Page) has finalised a long outstanding dispute between the school and the original builders (Mowlem) resulting in a windfall of £7k to the school for lost utilities.
2. Headingley Springbank Primary School- I have for sometime tried to maximise our partnerships with PFI contractors and get them to support our broader Council and ECM objectives. As a pilot activity, representatives of my service, Carillion/ESCO (PFI partners), constructed a wildlife pond in the grounds of Springbamk school. The pupils were engaged as an ecology learning activity, and great fun was had by all, especially as the Fire Service from Kirkstall (Redwatch) filled the pond with water!!. Clearly this will help build relationships and fosters goodwill between all parties. Kindest Regards, Alex."

Alex and his team are doing a great job making the PFI schemes work to best effect. It is great to hear about brilliant things happening at Lawnswood and Springbank.


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