Friday, 27 November 2009

I received this e-mail from my colleague Mark Wilson, headteacher at Robin Hood Primary School...

"Hi Chris. Great conference last night... Thanks. The link to the Larry Rosenstock (High Tech High, San Diego) video that I'd said I'd send.... It's well worth a viewing. The Book Project: Briiliant Learning - 20 butterflies in Leeds. A 40 page booklet - a photograph on one page, description on the opposite page - a description of one 'quick win' pioneered/used to improve learning outcomes in one Leeds school. The book has a weblink that says 'more butterflies at X School'... with nine further butterflies on the website hosted within Evolve & using the materials that are being collected weekly for video... 200 butterflies in all. Mark."

I said at the lecture that we need to continue the conversation and this video does that and continues to challenge our ideas about what learning is and what it looks like. Mark's 'Brilliant Learning' book will also provide us with a way of sharing the magic in Leeds.

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