Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My colleague Steve Ruse, Sustainable Schools Consultant in our Leeds Healthy Schools and Wellbeing Team sent me this e-mail...

"Dear Chris, Two Leeds schools have recently achieved the Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) Silver Award and as such deserve some recognition, perhaps a letter of congratulations from yourself would be appropriate. The Food for Life Partnership co-ordinators have also acknowledged the contribution of the Leeds Catering and Cleaning Services for working with the schools to ensure that FFLP Silver criteria has been achieved for the school meals. Mandy Snaith heads up that service and reports to Julie Meakin. Silver schools serve school meals on plates, not flight trays, and a range of locally sourced and organic items are served. All chicken, bacon and sausages served are Freedom Food certified or free range and no fish from unsustainable sources is served. The school has a cooking club, and pupils get to cook with and eat the produce grown in the school growing area. Parents and the wider community get involved in food education via food-themed events. There are only 22 schools in England that have achieved the Silver award and therefore this is a fantastic achievement! Details of the schools and teams involved are as follows:
  • Middleton Primary School - Samantha Williams (Head) and Katy Skelton (teacher) are the FFLP leads in school. Sheila Hunt is the Business Manager and has been very involved in FFLP. The school cook is Sandra Ballantyne.
  • Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary School - Lesley West (Head), Sarah Alderson (Assistant Head) and Kathryn Dickson (Assistant Head). Sonia (surnname not advised) is the school cook.

Regards, Steve"

It is great to hear about the brilliant work Sam and Lesley and their teams are doing to improve school food and drink working with the 'Food for Life Partnership'. They are part of a very exclusive club having achieved the Silver Award.


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