Friday, 27 November 2009

My colleague Sharon Hogan sent me this after the lecture...

"Hi Chris, First of all thanks to Education Leeds for the opportunity to hear Ken Robinson - it was a privilege of course and also to hear once again you remain so positive about young children and all those that work with them in Leeds. Quickly as i know you are so busy... a plea that the outstanding EY outcomes in July 2009 are shared wih colleagues whenever possible..this year we were 14th in the Local Authority League tables for Narrowing the Gap and in the top third of LA for a Good Level of Achievement. I know other key stages may have platued but EY is just as an important Key Stage. These assessments are conducted on over 8,000 children by EY practitioners in reception classes in Leeds schools. The outcomes of course represent the very good work with young children and families across all sectors and services. Once again many thanks for the wonderful evening Chris, Sharon."

Sharon is right that we need to recognise the importance of these results and celebrate them whenever and wherever we can. Everyone knows that education and learning is the one intervention that can most elevate our children above social disadvantage and the earlier we do this the better.

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