Monday, 1 February 2010

After my visit to All Saints CE Primary School last week Sam Nuttall who teaches Year 5 sent me these photos...

It's great to be reminded of the visit through some of the wonderful art work the children had done. The children also sent me e-mails with more interesting questions which I answered over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dear chris
that is my classroom do you like the displays?
yours sincerly

Chris'Blog said...

Hi Abi,
I love the displays... the learning environment is so important and should be about the WOW words and the WOW factor... I suppose the important thing is do your children like them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Abi.
Yes, that is our classroom! Chris asked me to email some of your work to him to put on his blog. It was really hard to choose the best pictures - everyone's work is great!
Hope you're enjoying the holidays.
Miss Nuttall.