Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I moved on to the Leeds City College, Thomas Danby site to meet a wonderful group of young people...

My colleague Jake Clarke, our Independent Travel Training Co-ordinator in our Admissions and Transport team, has been working with a group of thirteen Post-16 students from the East SILC John Jamieson at the Thomas Danby site of Leeds City College. Jake had invited me to visit the college to meet these young people. I also met Peter Williams, Debbie Wade, Susan Pogson and Nick Tearle who made up the team. Five of the young people are being given independent travel training and the group have taken part in a competition to deign a cover and logo for a new 'Independent Travel Training' promotional pamphlet for students and their parents. Two designs were chosen and Jake had also invited me present some cinema tickets to Zoe and Josh, two of these wonderful young people.

It was inspiring to meet these young people and their team at the college. We need to develop more targeted and personalised provision like this to meet the needs of these very special young people.

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