Tuesday, 2 February 2010

"The curriculum is only as good as those that teach it."
The Rose Review

I started the day at the Primary Headteacher Curriculum Seminar at the Banqueting Suite at Elland Road...

My colleague Kathryn Atkins had asked me to welcome colleagues to the event and set the scene for a series of presentations linked to the new primary curriculum.

We had presentations by Dr Brian Male from QCDA and the Curriculum Foundation, from a primary headteacher from Goole and from Richard Gerver, who has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation.

We have a brilliant opportunity to take hold of the curriculum and shape it to meet the needs of every community. We need to use the Rose and Alexander Reviews to re-imagine teaching and learning driven by our values, our purposes, our aims and our principles. We need to empower children and respect childhood. We need to focus on well-being, engagement, autonomy, respect and equality. We need to develop key themes like sustainability, global citizenship, creativity, social justice, culture and community. We need children to learn, to know and to do and we need to foster children's skills and excite children's imagination.

These are exciting times.

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