Friday, 5 February 2010

The final session at the Summit focused on the role of community in delivering public services...

Charlie Leadbeater, from Participle and Nesta, talked about the importance of working with not doing to the public. He argued that we need to be careful which questions we ask about the services we provide because the questions we ask determine the answers we get. It is important to understand that where you stand determines what you see and whatever we do we need to look at the big picture and importantly look sideways. We need to understand that if you frame the questions you ask as delivery challenges, you don't solve the problems. What we need to do is to see our issues as creativity challenges. We need to rethink so that:
  • needs become capabilities;
  • targeted becomes open to all;
  • financial focus becomes whole resource focus;
  • centralised solutions become distributed solutions;
  • individuals become relationships.

A really different way of looking at the challenges we face.


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