Thursday, 4 February 2010

And finally today we had a session on innovation and the media...

Richard Allan from Facebook told us that Facebook has over 24 million users in the UK; half of those use it every day! He argued that it will have a massive impact on public services and generally change the face of local and national government. Power has shifted to the users, the clients and the customers who have the tools to disrupt and reorganise services.

Tim Munthe from Demotix uses Skype based connections to gather news from 12000 contributors across the world. There are only a third of the journalists that we had in the early 1980s and most news is now PR news, regurgitated news and shared news. People get their news from their friends... they simply phone a friend! We had better adapt to this new world because Apps are changing the nature of everything we do. It's organic, it's contagious... catch up, catch it or forget it!

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